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Data Cleansing is your asset – not a headache.
With Boardana you will have it accurate across all platforms in use.

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Data Cleansing
All-in-one data quality platform

All-in-one data quality platform

Bordana is your one-stop shop to cleanse, validates, and enriches contact and account data.

Free to start

Free to start

100% free cleansing and deduplication for up to 3K records. Forever free data quality assessment.

Sync data with 1000+ tools

Sync data with 1000+ tools

Integrate Boardana with all tools in use to instantly get cleaned, valid and enriched data, no tech skills required.

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Data Cleansing Features

Identifies the fields in a file

With the identification of fields in the file, you do not need to spend time selecting valuable data manually, the software will do it instead.

Detects language and data fields

The tool identifies the fields with valuable data and recognizes multiple language patterns.

Detects personal, business, generic email addresses

Sort personal addresses and business contacts to make your sales lists relevant and more profitable.

Splits first and last names

One of the commonly used data types is a name. Determining first and last names manually is not cost-effective. Besides, the chances of human error are still present. Use a convenient tool that does not require supervision and conducts a split of names automatically and mistake-free.

Removes legal abbreviations

Abbreviations add extra info to your list which is not necessary. Hence, the tool cleans the list, identifies company names, and removes extras.

Score contact data and find what to improve

Boardana is your one-stop shop to cleanse, validate, and enrich contact and account data.

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Score contact data and find what to improve

Monitor data quality across your systems

Keep contact data instantly updated and synced among all the tools in use: CRMs, marketing automation, support, and CS solutions.

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Monitor data quality across your systems

More Data Cleansing Features

Removes middle name from name and splits the full name

Personalization is all about getting the customer’s attention. It is important to address them by their name and do it correctly. The tool removes the middle name and separates the first and the last names.

Extracts domain from email

The domain name can give you more information about the customer in case you are not sure what kind of organization you are dealing with. No need to do multiple manipulations in Excel, since Boardana does it automatically.

Extracts first and last name from email address

If you sourced the email addresses of the potential customers, it does not mean that personalized offers are ready to be sent. With the function of extracting names, you get to write a truly direct letter to a customer.

Normalizes words to the first capital letter and the rest lowercase letters

By normalizing words and capitalizing the right patterns your data becomes standardized and compliant.

Removes symbols, comas and emojis

Due to extra symbols, punctuation, or emojis, the address might look invalid. Hence, when such characters are eliminated automatically, the usability of information is restored.

Splits mailing addresses to fields

The last thing you want is to lose valuable email addresses due to incorrect filling of the information in the fields. Boardana tool lets you have your contacts structured, separated, and validated.

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Make your contact data shine

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    Prevent fraud and enrich data in real-time with Boardana API

    Get cleaned information about a contact, validate names, emails, and phone numbers, enrich profile for proper routing and personalization with Boardana’s unique API.

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    Prevent fraud and enrich data in real-time with Boardana API

    Integrate Boardana with 1000+ tools (coming soon)

    No matter how many tools you have storing contact data, Boardana will sync cleaned, validated, and enriched contact data to all of them. Logo

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    Here's what our customers say

    Margo Lee Photo

    Boardana saved our time, money, and hassle! Data quality analysis was very helpful as we identified specific issues with contact records. Using Boardana, we cleaned, deduplicated, and enriched our contact databases with US and EU contacts. The best part is that the tool supports multiple languages – by request so far.

    Margo Lee OWOX

    Andrey Chumachenko Photo

    We used Boardana for email validation and it was a good experience for us so far. Our team is working on Boardana API adoption for fraud prevention on a sign-up form.

    Andrey Chumachenko Netpeak

    Benefits of Data Cleansing

    The value of data and analytics are being discovered daily. More and more businesses turn to their data to find the answers and make decisions. Collecting data is crucial and the tools used for it should be selected carefully. The quality of analytics depends on how well the software gathered, sorted, and presented the information. 

    Whether you manage the manufacturing process, sales team, or warehouse, the data flow is constant. It is not always possible to manually trace mistakes, mislabelled information, and typos. With that in mind, Boardana data cleansing tool was designed. It handles a flow of information, validates it, and displays it in a dashboard. Regardless of how many tools the business utilizes to receive emails, names, and contact information, Boardana allows integration and overall synchronization. 

    A single, easy-to-use platform helps you provide the best customer service and improve operational efficiency. Boardana is a perfect solution for fraud prevention and data enrichment. For companies operating in the international market, the convenience of Boardana is in the ability to support multiple languages. 

    What are the benefits of data cleansing with Boardana?

    Endless customer lists and contact information are vital for business revenue. Their correctness influences the level of personalization, customer experience with the brand, and more. Whenever customers provide the wrong email address, the chances of getting their attention and loyalty decrease. For the employees, scrolling through duplicate records is exhausting. It leads to the conclusion that poorly collected data slows down operations, takes too much time for the team to process, and discourages potential customers. Boardana ensures that you get: 

    • Compliant data with a high level of usability
    • Error-free data across all platforms used
    • Data-driven decisions
    • Data standardization